Natural Oil Guide

Benefits of 4 Different Types of Natural Oils


There are a lot of natural oils that have been derived from different kinds of natural plants. And these natural oils are very beneficial. Here are 4 of the most famous natural oils people use.


1.  Peppermint - the first natural oil we will discuss is the oil that comes from peppermint leaves. You can probably guess that this natural oil is beneficial in that it freshens your breath, and that is true; however, it does more than just freshens breath, it actually also helps in soothing nausea, stops itching, and cools overworked muscles because of the menthol in the peppermint.


2.  Lavender - The oil that comes from lavender can actually be very beneficial to you. Lavender oil is considered the "go-to oil" that you can use for almost any kinds of situations. Lavender is really a virtual first aid kit in a bottle. Because of its properties, the best oils for health can fight germs, aid in digestion, and even help fight headaches. The scent of lavender oil has also a very pleasant scent that will help calm the nervous system, improve the quality of their sleep, and help in many other situations. Lavender oil is a real help to you!


3.  Sesame - A lot of people make and use sesame oil for moisturizing purposes. You can place sesame oil or products that have sesame oil on your skin or hair to make it really moist and shiny. Sesame oil is a great treatment for your skin and your hair; and also, it is natural, so you do not need to worry about chemicals that can otherwise harm the skin or hair. Sesame oil, however, is not only used for moisturizing, it can also be used to lower stress and blood pressure, help slow the growth of cancer cells, etc.


4.  Rose - Roses have a very distinct, pleasant, smell to them, and that is why many products, like perfumes, soaps, shampoos use roses as the main ingredient. Instead of buying these already made perfumes, soaps, and shampoos you can just get rose oil and use that. It will definitely be better because it is all natural. It will really give your skin or hair a very healthy, shiny look, plus a very good scent to it as well. Besides that, cooking oils can also improve hormone balance, treating PMS and menopause, and other problems.


There are a lot of natural oils that people can use to benefit them. These 4 listed above are some of the most common.